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Posted by igotwood - February 18th, 2021

Hi. I know I put the link in one of my recent artworks, but I thought I'd share my page of erotic short stories, for those who would be into this.


I'm no professional author, and english is not my native language, but I have fun in what I do and yes, I even wish it could develop into a full time thing and, maybe someday, I'd want to get published. And I looove getting the feedback. I think it gets increasingly good as I keep experimenting with different people and different situations. This last one, Isabelle, is a series about my busty secretary which was widely influenced from a person I know in real life.

I know the sexy secretary is probably a little cliché, but it's up to me to spice it up. And the fact that I can relate to it with the person that inspired me in real life is thrilling.

Anyway, thanks for reading... if you are. This was an introduction to Newgrounds about this other little less known part of me....



Posted by igotwood - January 26th, 2021

So, my Huion pen stopped working on my Huion monitor. It sucks that my monitor is still working great, but I can't even buy a lousy replacement pen, because they "don't make them anymore".

I'm sure a lot of people here know about this company, but I'm looking for opinions on what to buy next, without paying too much. Remember: I just need a monitor, not the whole tablet, like I guess, a Cintiq Companion (??). All of my softwares are on my PC, so I just need to attach a monitor to it.


I'm sad


Posted by igotwood - December 27th, 2020

Hello. Holidays are hectic, but damn, I need to go back drawing lewds.

I recently brought up my first OC in the igotwood universe. Let's give a warm welcome to Emry. She's got big titties and a punkish attitude working at a road side diner. Let's take her places and see in what kind of scenarios she can get into.

My wife bought me a painting kit for Christmas. Looks like our idea of paint night really stuck, and we're gonna start soon. Little bit of wine, little bit of music, little bit of laughter and playfulness while the kids are asleep. I should've got her an apron, so I can try to get her to wear only that all the while..... hhhhhhhhhholy shit

Any ideas of what I should paint?

I also need to get back to writing this story. Not a lot of people know, but I write smut in my free time. One day, my wife and I went to a sex show and she kept telling everyone that I was writing erotica featuring us. She giggled and seemed proud of it, and made me wonder: damn, should I start selling that thing?

The one I have going on right now is taking forever. It's gonna be a challenge, as I try to incorporate more intrigue elements, a purpose, on top of all the courting, teasing, and sexy time with my wife in a parallel universe with a "slightly" more generous physique. hehehe

Anyways.. back to work. Happy new year, everyone. Let's all kick 2020 in the nads

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Posted by igotwood - August 27th, 2020

Hi All!

I'd like to make some kind of collab art with someone, if you're interested. Not too sure how it goes, though. Only collabs I've done in the past was to make a speedpaint movie and slap someone's audio track on top.

I've got all kinds of ideas. I'm a big breast enthusiast, but I can't really go out of my comfort zone, as in drawing comic book characters, or anime. If you look at my current stuff, scenarios are pretty basic, but still lots of fun (I think).

Hit me up!! Let's perv together


Posted by igotwood - October 6th, 2019

That project of a porn comic has been lingering more and more in the back of my head. I'm really starting to love drawing interactive scenes. I'm not used to draw characters interacting together. Composition can be really exciting: when you have a specific image in mind, down to the most important detail, it's really challenging, and very rewarding at the end when you come up with exactly what you had in mind.

Lately, I was very influenced by Romulo "Melkor" Mancin. Not really used to the whole taboo, sister-in-law kinda thing, but the amount of work he puts in his comics make me overlook the whole thing. It's proof sometimes that storyline can be superfluous (in a porn comic, d'uh!). To me, the dialogue and the complex viewing angles in his comics are the best.

Anyway, I hope you like my latest art I just uploaded.

Posted by igotwood - March 4th, 2019

I've started watching Sex Education on Netflix with the wife. We made it to episode 4 so far together, so it's a good sign: it caught her interest. Slowly but surely...

That last episode had this girl in the swing band that's also illustrating her own adult comic strips in her free time, where she can express some pretty brash fantasies of her own. My wife turned to me and smiled, acknowledging my own XXX illustrations that I've been showing her recently. Maybe she never really gave any thought to it, but it looks like she realized I'm not the only one doing that. This girl in the show put it all into context and it's as if she saw potential in what I do. She was amused. I think she's flattered that it's (usually) featuring her and that the illustration serves some kind of background story, and that it's not just straight up pornographic.

Not only does she encourage my art, but boy, oh boy!!! Does she make me want to live more memorable moments that I can illustrate in the future. The thought alone makes me drool, makes me happy at special places.

She hasn't said anything yet about the fact that I'm exaggerating the size of her tits and her ass :) What can I say? I'm a guy that loves the best things in life.



Posted by igotwood - February 26th, 2019

Wow... Is this a good place to say thanks to fellow Newgrounder Qualonhive for inviting me to the art portal? Thank you. This art I do, I've only been starting that kind of stuff just recently and it's great to see the recognition already.

All I can say is, it can only make me want to do much much more! And I will not disappoint - Ohh boy, the possibilities! Get ready, honey ahah

Posted by igotwood - February 16th, 2019

Dear Netflix,

Please renew Jessica Jones for another season. My wife loves it, and I like to think it's mostly because she's somewhat attracted to the main character. She can relate to the kind of detective, action, police scenario as she reads a lot about it in novels. But I'm also sure she loves her looks and attitude. In other words, she thinks she's hot!

This gets me thinking about kinky situations involving them and eventually me too along the way. And as we both watch her on the screen, I couldn't be happier now that I know what kind of woman she likes.

Thank you

Posted by igotwood - January 8th, 2019

Shopping for sexy clothes for the wife online is like going to the grocery store when you're starving: you just have to take everything!