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Dear Netflix...

Posted by igotwood - February 16th, 2019

Dear Netflix,

Please renew Jessica Jones for another season. My wife loves it, and I like to think it's mostly because she's somewhat attracted to the main character. She can relate to the kind of detective, action, police scenario as she reads a lot about it in novels. But I'm also sure she loves her looks and attitude. In other words, she thinks she's hot!

This gets me thinking about kinky situations involving them and eventually me too along the way. And as we both watch her on the screen, I couldn't be happier now that I know what kind of woman she likes.

Thank you

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Heh, Good Luck with that
. . . I have to look it up . . .
Hmm. I read some stuff (the wiki) about this. Considering the Netflix adaptation is supposed to follow the continuity of MCU anyway . . . looks unlikely XD. Sounds like a great series though. I should try to watch it . . . when . . . I'm . . . not . . . Anyway it looks like the series would drag on and lose it's spark if it continued past where it seems to leave off. She's got some rich history in the comics, mmmmmm. They can most definitely do something with it but they might've jumped the gun on content and run out of ideas too quick. Hell, I'm already getting ideas on where to go with it. Might be expensive though and I'm not sure the trend for detective shows is up at the moment. Veeeeery Interesting.

Hi. Funny, I was just reading today that the series is cancelled, but Season 3, being the last, hasn't arrived yet. Something to do with Marvel now being owned by Disney, something to do with the upcoming Disney streaming service, blah blah blah. Frick, imagine the Punisher in the hands of Disney.
And quite to the contrary, I thought the plot was getting chunkier. I won't spoil it, but it got pretty dark by the end. Sure season 2 had a brutal ending, and they could've leave it at that final tragedy, but honestly, I think they could go on and on for all I care.
Kristen Ritter is hot, and my wife gets all gitty and excited when she sees her on screen. Again, great potential for kinky scenarios... Threesome, superpowers. She's the definition of "Netflix and chill"
.........why is there so many horny people on Newgrounds?
Thanks for the follow, dude